Name: Traveller
Model: 1998 Ford F150
Color: White w/ Chrome Bumpers and Grill
Displacement: 256 cubic inches / 4.2 liters
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Drive: 4x2 w/ Open Diff
Body Style: Regular Cab, 6' Bed
Power: 202 Ponies
Torque: 252 foot-pounds
Mods: Bone Stock
Status: Wrecked/Sold

I bought this truck in early 2002 when I needed a more reliable vehicle that would get better mileage than "The General". With a smaller 6-cylinder engine and all-around lighter body and frame, this truck practically glided down the road. I would probably still be driving it today if a lady hadn't ran a red-light and T-Boned me on the passenger side in early 2005.

Compared to every other truck I'd owned (or drove), this one had the smallest engine, and a surprising amount of power for its size. The extra torque came from the long stroke. The 256 c.i. engine is simply a stroked 232 c.i. V-6. This effectively doubled the horsepower at the flywheel and made significant gains in torque. By no means was this truck a powerfu trailer puller, but it got great mileage and was an excellent run-around-town pick'em'up truck.

If you're wondering about the choice of name, Traveller was General Robert E. Lee's horse.