The Slackware Files

If you've followed my online life you should know that I'm a heavy user and support of the Slackware Linux operating system. Over the years I've done some testing, a lot of using, and some contributions to the project and the community at large.

The SlackBook: The second editionof Slackware Linux Essentials bares my name on the cover, but I can only take credit for maybe a fourth of the total writings in it as I functioned more as an editor and co-ordinator than an author.

The Project: SBo grew out of a desire for high-quality SlackBuild scripts for lots of software that for one reason or another isn't included in Slackware Linux. Before SBo, if some one wanted a SlackBuild script they would have to google and hope for the best. Often-times these searches would turn up scripts that were shoddy or designed for an older version of Slackware. Many people were writing SlackBuild scripts for themselves and keeping them in small, often private repositories. As an admin of this project, I review scripts submitted to our pending que and push them into the main repository when they are deemed ready, often editing them along the way.

##slackware on If you find me online, this is where you're most likely to have done so. As a channel op, I have the responsibility of keeping the channel "in line" as it were. If you need some immediate help with your Slackware Linux operating system (and if you've already read the manual), drop in and ask for help; some one will be along to assist you.

alt.os.linux.slackware: My first foray into the Slackware community occured here, and I still return from time to time to dispense sagely (or sometimes just plain bad) advice. It can be a rough and tumble place and sometimes feels more like a Wild West saloon in Dodge than a discussion newsgroup, but it's home. :^)