Politics - Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."
-- Thomas Paine

With that said, I hope you've got on your thick skin. If not, go somewhere else.

Republicans: Not since the "Contract with America" has the Republican party had any decent ideas. However, upon achieving power, they proceeded to tear up this contract at the earliest opportunity and abuse the power of government to spend like crazy. Pork barrel spending has risen to Olympian heights since 1994, when the Republican party gained control of the House of Representatives. There are only three things that the Republican party has going for it: Tax Cuts, Anti-Abortion, and a willingness to fight Islamic theocracies that seek to overthrow our nation using any means possible. With that said, compromising personal liberty to fight these foes is unacceptable.

Democrats: There's not enough bad things to say about the Democratic party today. Most of them are nothing but socialists whose idea of good government is a nanny state that takes care of you from the cradle to the grave. Gone is the democratic party that cared for the middle class and tried to see to it that America's valuable workers and small businesses were not rail-roaded by larger interests. Today's Democratic party is a party of "peace", no matter what cost that "peace" requires. Today's Democratic party tells us how terrible it is that we have poor people in this nation who can't get ahead, while failing to mention that the average "poor" person in America has a home, a car, a television, a computer, a DVD player, and obesity. That's right, the average "poor" person in America is fat despite the party's continued insistance that "one in three children in America goes to bed hungry". Democrats are going to win the 2008 elections, and will be even worse than the previous Republican administrations in the White House, and in the Congress. I predict that when this happens, socialist health care will come to America, and the quality of health care will fall in the toilet.

Libertarians: The only viable third-party, the Libertarian party is doomed by its own people to remain marginalized. While I have no problem with legallizing most currently illegal drugs, most Libertarians seem to have no other agenda than smoking pot because most of their members won't focus on more important issues, like say preventing the expansion of the federal government, cutting taxes, eliminating the Department of Education and turning that role over to the States, fighting eminent domain abuses, and balancing the budget. At least the Libertarian party has goals and beliefs (and runs on those), but if only they could shut up the stoners in the party so they could gain some credibility with mainstream America.

So where do I stand? Somewhere between Libertarian and Republican. I can't vote Republican because of their ridiculous abuses of spending power, and I can't support the Libertarians because of their reckless isolationist policies. I'm every bit as anti-Democrat as they come at least.