The Iron Horse

Name: The Iron Horse
Model: 2000 Ford F250
Color: Blue w/ Chrome Bumpers and Grill
Displacement: 444 cubic inches / 7.3 liters
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Drive: 4x2 w/ Open Diff
Rear Axle: Ford Sterling 10.5"
Axle Ratio: 3.73:1
Body Style: Extended Cab, 6' Bed
Power: Estimated 300 RWHP
Torque: Estimated 600 RW foot-pounds
Mods: Gauges, AIS Intake, Chip
Status: Sold

I bought this truck in March of 2005 after wrecking Travelor. At the time it was the best truck for the money, and served me well for quite awhile. As of April 2007, I traded this truck in for Stonewall Jackson.

As far as power and torque, this truck had it in spades. Unloaded, it ran fast and when towing, pulled hard. I finally had to seriously consider selling it because the truck's previous owner had rode him hard, and put him away wet. The clutch was signficantly worn when I purchased the truck, and getting a clutch to support my additional mods was going to be a fair penny. Additionally, the transmission hadn't been well-taken care of, and often shifted poorly.

Eventually, the truck just stopped being reliable. It would shut down for no apparent reason and immediately start back up. Sometimes it wouldn't start at all, and others time it was flawless. I had to do a number of improvised fixes over the last few months of owning the truck, and decided I would get a better value by trading the truck rather than fixing it.