The General Lee

Name: General Lee a.k.a. "The General"
Model: 1979 Ford F150
Color: Forest Green
Displacement: 302 cubic inches / 5.0 liters
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Drive: 4x2 w/ Open Diff
Body Style: Regular Cab, 8' Bed
Power: Estimated 200 Ponies
Torque: Estimated 300 foot-pounds
Mods: Rebuilt Better Than Stock
Status: Waiting for Money for a 351

This was my very first pick-up. My Daddy bought it and gave it to me in 1992, when I was 11 or 12. It came with the ancient three-speed collar-shift transmission, affectionately known as the "three-in-the-tree". The truck pulled well and road well, but lacked acceleration on the highway. I drove the snot out of this truck for over six years on the rebuilt 302. In early 2001, after the transmission shifter failed, me and my Daddy pulled the four-speed transmission out of his 1986 F150 and slid it into the General. We had to fab up some mounting brackets and things for the new two-piece driveshaft, but we got everything installed and tested the very first time.

I finally had to retire the General when the engine's rings were worn to the point of requiring complete replacement. Since the engine had been rebuilt a few times, the cylinder walls were already bored to the maximum diameter for oversized rings and pistons. Eventually, I intend to get a rebuilt 351 installed in the truck to use around the farm, but those plans might change. I can see this truck getting a 12V mechanical CUMMINS motor. :^)