Alan Hicks - Vital Statistics

Name: Alan Hicks
Nicks: Scrapper, Coondawg, +Alan Hicks+
Age: Mid Twenties
Hails From: Lizella, Jaw-Juh
Current Whereabouts: Parts Unknown
Addiction: Red Man Chewin' Tobacco
Marital Status: Single (Look out girls!)
Hobbies: Huntin', Fishin', Truckin', Slackin'
Religion: Christian

Well, what else to say about myself? Well, I try to keep to myself most of the time in my off-line world, and try to seperate those as best as I can. The State motto of Jaw-Juh is "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation", and though I am lackin' in all three areas, I at least try to live up to them as pretty good words to live by.

I was born in raised in the Deep South in a little one-horse town called Lizella, which sits between the big city of Macon and a small trickle of water we call the Echeconnee Creek. Unfortunately, of late Lizella has become flooded with city slickers trying to take over the country with the suburban sprawl. Recently, I moved across the Echeconnee Creek into Crawford County, in what's known as "The Greater Lizella Area". Now I pretty much live between Lizella, Knoxville, and Salamander Town (so named because the only native animals there and snakes and salamanders, and no one would move to a place called Snake Town).

Today I work for a little bity company called CTSMacon in Macon, GA. Check the site to find out more about what I do there.